The Study

Optimize learning in your school


With the support of the LEGO Foundation, we are bringing an evidence based and integrated whole child approach of playful learning to elementary classrooms in a select number of states that better prepares our children for their dynamic futures. Our goal is to not only help teachers, schools, and districts provide evidence-based guided play experiences, but to contribute to a systematic change in mindset about the value of and commitment to providing their children the opportunities to learn and grow through active, meaningful, socially interactive, iterative, and joyful experiences.

The project will work alongside school districts to adopt a guided play approach in the context of the culture of the community using their existing curriculum – thus meeting state and country standards while infusing playful learning strategies into all aspects of instruction. The longitudinal study of grade k through 4 will work closely with teachers to integrate an Active Playful Learning pedological approach using the districts’ own curriculum.

This project also targets educational policy and effectively communicates the value of joyful playful learning to all stakeholders from families to governors. The true systematic impact of this work will be far reaching through the ability to demonstrate the efficacy of guided play, and in turn, to shape the national narrative around what it means to learn in school.


A team of expert coaches will work closely with the schools to offer professional development during regular bi-weekly PD with a concentration on applications of the model in STEM classes. The study team of coaches and researchers are devoted to listening to teacher and administrator input and to tailoring the training around the school curricula thus advancing student outcomes.


Our Goal

Across several pilot programs in the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Hampshire, anecdotal results have been strong. Our goal is to work with teachers and students to create a model of global learning principles combined with locally adapted implementation to optimize learning in schools.

Legislative Outreach

We aim to ensure the scalability of our approach beyond the school districts participating in the study. As we gather data and document changes in teacher practices and student outcomes, we will share our findings with district and state decision makers. Ultimately our goal is that the value of playful learning to support cradle-career initiatives is recognized through revised legislation and district policies.