Joyful Teaching
Deeper Learning.

Through the Active Playful Learning program, teachers reignite joy for their profession while students become deeper more creative thinkers.

If Rip Van Winkle woke up today, only one institution would look familiar: the school system. We can change that.

The time is now to build a new approach, to reinvigorate education on the ground, rekindle teachers’ passion for their profession, and help students build a lifelong love of learning.

By bringing the best science to bear on how & what children learn best, and presenting it in a culturally inclusive environment that embraces community values, we can harness each child’s unique power to thrive.


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Active Playful Learning offers professional development to educators that is backed by the latest evidence in the science of learning:

The program is built from a three-part equation that embraces cultural and community beliefs + the how of learning + the what of learning.


Cultural and community beliefs are core to aligning schools with communities and parents with the full understanding that more aligned schools are more successful.


Students learn through active, engaged, meaningful, socially interactive, iterative and joyful experiences in the classroom and out. When we add a learning goal or engage in guided play we achieve Active Playful Learning.


The what of learning taps into the 6Cs – an integrated suite of outcomes supported by the science of Collaboration, Communication, Content, Critical Thinking, Creative Innovation and the Confidence to persist through failure and to have a growth mindset.

Through Professional Development Workshops and a rich Coaching model,

the APL Team helps all teachers develop an active teaching mindset – a mindset that transforms classrooms into rich hubs for learning.

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“One of the aspects that I truly love about this approach to learning is that it’s not a canned curriculum. Instead it’s about building on the set of tools that teachers already have shaped and developed, and giving them a fresh lens on ways that they can invite their students to engage with new ideas.”

– Teacher